I could clear the clouds

I could clear the clouds

No sooner had Mike thrown down the ice bucket challenge* gauntlet to the rest of Pearl Jam than they all duly stepped up to the plate/got under the bucket. All to support strike out ALS. Mike’s and Ed’s videos were in the last post. Now it’s the turn of:

Boom (with Defend Team Gleason t-shirt)…

BG ice bucket

… Jeff (two buckets whilst on a…

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I can feel the rush

I can feel the rush

Pearl Jam are busily enjoying the languid summer months by accepting the ice bucket challenge. The challenge is simple: have a bucket of ice poured over you. It’s all being done to support strike out ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease), and has already raised an ice-cool $10m.

First up, Mike McCready, challenged by former New Orleans Saints safety Steve Gleason.


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I blow my load over the status quo

I blow my load over the status quo

Queens shave

Idly watching tv the other day, I heard Queens of the Stone Age, ‘Smooth Sailing’ during an ad break, its jerky rhythms accompanying some lithe young things exhorting me with their improbable cool to buy a car, or some perfume, or maybe something else. After shave perhaps. Or some garden tools.


…Like Clockworkwas one of the strongest rock releases of…

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All those yesterdays

Continuing the poster gallery begun with the EV 2014 tours of South America and Australia, here are the ones from Pearl Jam‘s trip to New Zealand and Australia at the start of 2014. All the shows were for the Big Day Out. One notable feature of Australians* resides in their succinct naming of things. (Their domestic T20 cricket competition is the Big Bash. No mistaking the type of cricket on…

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Follow the strangest tribe

Follow the strangest tribe

Continuing the poster gallery series,* here are the posters from Pearl Jam’s European jolly this summer. The Trieste one looks like a Spinal Tap cover. I’ve added Vedder’s solo show in Meco, Portugal to the end. There’s a separate post about Vedder’s anti-war comments at Milton Keynes.

Between the gigs in Poland (3 July) and Belgium (5 July), Matt Cameron and Mike McCready found time to get over…

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Above us only sky

Above us only sky

Eddie Vedder stirred up a minor controversy at the end of Pearl Jam‘s 2014 European tour. Over the outro of ‘Daughter’, he got the crowd chanting ‘no more war’, before launching into an angry anti-war tirade, and then leading the crowd into the chorus of Edwin Starr‘s famed…

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There’s one thing I wanna know

There’s one thing I wanna know

Straying from the usual grunge pathways, last week took me, at the kind invitation of my sister, down to Chelsea* Kew Gardens to see the evergreen Elvis Costello perform as part of the Kew the Music (ba-doom tish) festival.

The setting was delightful. The walk from the tube station takes you across the grubby A307, but once through the entrance gates, the approach to the open-air arena is through…

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50 million hands upraised and open toward the sky

50 million hands upraised and open toward the sky


A reminder about the Wishlist Foundation pre-party fundraiser taking place this Monday evening, 7 July, the night before Pearl Jam are live at Leeds (will Ed mention The Who that night?).

The fundraiser is being held at Carpe Diem, and entertainment comes from an excellent Eddie Vedder solo tribute act (I’ve seen him in Pearl Jammera couple of times, and he’s top notch). There’ll also be an…

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Light a roman candle

Light a roman candle

Black Sabbath and Soundgarden, Hyde Park, 4 July 2014.

Black Sabbath and Soundgarden, Hyde Park, 4 July 2014.

Soundgarden are in London today, supporting Black Sabbath at Hyde Park. Faith No More and Motörhead are also playing. Lemmy is apparently healthy* again and ready to rock and roll. So I’m … at a Maths conference in Warwick. Aargh.

I hope it’s a belter. If anyone’s going, let me know all about it, not least how Matt Chamberlain gets on as Matt…

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Till the lightning strike sets you free

Till the lightning strike sets you free

14-06-28 Stockholm

Pearl Jam, Stockholm, 28 June 2014

Pearl Jam swung back in to Europe this summer for the latest leg of their Lightning Bolt tour, so with their arrival came the chance for Becky and I repeat our Prague trip of 2012 by selecting a glamorous European city to visit for a few days whilst also enjoying a PJ gig.

It was a tough choice this year, Leeds and Milton Keynes narrowly missing out to eventual…

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