Ukulele gleaming golden

Okay, so it’s taken me a couple of months to write this post. I’m speeding up…

Pearl Jam toured Australia a start of the year, and Eddie Vedder followed it up with a further 11-date solo tour. The surf must be really good down under in February. On this tour, and previously, he’s been covering Amanda Palmer’s ‘Ukulele Anthem’, and as a thank you to her for penning the song, well, read Palmer’s bl…

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Shower in the dark day

Shower in the dark day

Matt Cameron’s Pearl Jam drumkit has a big MC on the kick drum; if his Soundgarden kit had the same, then the band wouldn’t need to change it for this summer’s stand-in/sit-in whilst Cameron is tours with his other squeeze PJ. Soundgarden have also doubled their quota of Pearl Jam drummers with first name Matt and initials MC (4, 10).

Matt Chamberlain with Istanbul cymbal. Pretty minimalist kit. Unusual drum stool too.

Matt Chamberlain with Istanbul cymbal. Pretty minimalist kit.…

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Use just once and destroy

A coda to my recent(ish) posts on In Utero and Unplugged: Last Thursday would have been Kurt Cobain’s 47th birthday, and this reminded me that…

Le(t’s )go swim tonight, darling*

"Can’t build a better band…" With thanks to Stefano Dossi @dox76 and Jeff Ament’s Army @JeffAmentsArmy…

Shiver the whole night through

Nirvana Unplugged. Check shirts aplenty in the crowd.

Last December saw the 20th anniversary of the…

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Radio Seattle turned 2 today! Hurrah for turning 2. I’ll be walking and stuff soon too.

Check out my band, imaginatively also called Radio Seattle, you’ll find us on FB, Twitter and out in the real world too.

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My tongue has been burned of the taste

Alice in Chains were in town last month, playing at Alexandra Palace. It was the first time I’ve…

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Put that mike in my hand

Pearl Jam finished off the North American leg of their Lightning Bolt tour back in their home town…

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The past made no sense, the future looks tense

Formed after Green River broke up and Mark Arm reunited with Steve Turner, Mudhoney were Sub Pop‘s…

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There’s no time to keep it low

Matt Cameron of Pearlgarden. Or Sound Jam.

Following the release of Lightning Boltlast month, and…

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